KTD C&S is the manufacturer and developer in diamond tools in KOREA.

We have been established from 1997, and continuously developing stone and concrete tools ever since. For about 20 years, our products have been being exported into various and many countries. our purpose is to offer high quality products to all of the world.

Focused on only diamond tools, we are still eager to make convenient, high quality and long-lasting diamond polishing tools, in order to satisfy our customers and workers. After we established R&D and QA system through ISO:9001, we have continuously made innovative working system, developed automatic production and kept consistent quality. Through such system, we have also capacity to deliver products to meet schedule required by customers.

We believe the trust between our customers and us is our top priorty . Until now, we have had good impressions from our cutomers. We are proud of the word leader of diamond grinding and polishing pads for stone and concrete. We will do every effort to keep our position as reliable company.

Thank you.

To the best, to the world, to be unified with belief.

President HYUN.J.B