• Used for light shaping and beginning of surface polishing
    Long lasting and very aggressive, heat-resisting
    Thread type available M5/8-11. M14

  • Proper balancing eliminates vibration and chipping on driving,
    M5/8-11, M14

  • Used for griding any types of stone
    Very aggressive, high-cutting power

  • Used for making holes on countertop
    Dry used on granite, marble, and hard stone
    M5/8-11, M14

  • Used for preparing stones, before polishing step made,

  • Designed with waterfeed holes for wet or dry use
    coarse matrix for aggressive grining
    M5/8-11, M14, 1/2 gas

  • Used for shaping edge, consistent working process
    Light weight and very aggressive
    available with various shapes

  • Used for polishing the surface and edge with hand
    wet/dry used on glass,quartz,ceramic,stone etc